Conscia : Conscious Zero Waste Hair Care

The Post Supply sat down with the Co-Founders of Conscia to discuss their Zero Waste Ethos and inspiration behind their brand. Read the full interview below. 



Tell us about the Ethos of Conscia? What were you trying to solve by creating your innovative (and beautiful) products? 


{conscia}  The word Conscia is the Latin root of the word consciousness.  Through our brand, we’re hoping to bring a level of mindfulness and awareness to a person’s everyday rituals, starting in the shower.  Being aware of the products we’re using—what ingredients are in them, what they’re packaged in, what impact they may have on ourselves and the environment. This consciousness is the undercurrent that drives us.


Nicole (our co-founder) owned a salon in downtown San Francisco and was on a constant search to find the right products to use on clients—ones that were both eco-friendly and high performance.  She never found anything she loved, leading her to take a formulation course and create them herself.  She wanted to think outside of the plastic bottle. This resulted in our collection of waterless Conscia shampoo and conditioner stones, along with plastic-free packaging. While there are other anhydrous products on the market, ours is the first hair care line that is no-waste, luxury and salon-grade. 


Why did you want to go Zero Waste and how has this been as you grow your company?


{conscia} A zero-waste mindset was at the core of the brand from the beginning, from both a formula and packaging perspective. It’s really what inspired it. In 2017, California was in the midst of a drought, and Nicole observed that traditional liquid hair products were a waste of our precious natural resource (90% of liquid shampoos are water!).  In addition, liquid requires more extensive (typically plastic) packaging, which is what led her to create a solid form of those products. Our stones are formulated entirely without water and packaged without any plastic.


As we’ve developed the brand, committing to this level of sustainability has presented its share of challenges. More sustainable options are typically more expensive and take longer to develop.  For instance, we have spent months searching for the right packaging solution. Our stones are shipped in a box made from recycled cardboard, cushioned with recycled paper packing, and wrapped in recycled kraft paper and hemp fabric squares using a Furoshiki wrapping method. The hemp fabric squares are made out of scraps sourced from a hemp fabric manufacturer in India. We’re finding use for the material that would otherwise be thrown in landfill.  While it has certainly presented us challenges, we believe it’s worth the effort to do our part in preserving the planet.


Tell us about your ingredients and your process working with natural goods? We love that it feels like we are only putting good things we might also eat onto (and thus into) our body!


{conscia}  Our hair and scalp need nutrients just like the rest of your body, so we formulated our products with a lot of the same naturally derived vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. Our ingredients are all natural because it’s what the body can best and most efficiently utilize, in addition to the fact that they’re the least harmful to the environment as they run down the drain. We are able to maintain efficacy using the latest green chemistry ingredients. For example, we opted for a natural, olive oil-based alternative to silicones in our formulas in order to create shine and provide a protective layer to the hair.


The stones are essentially concentrates—there are no added fillers. The color and scent of each formula are the result of the extracts and essential oils used in that formula. Spirulina and moringa give Heal its green tint, while rosehip and pomegranate give Hydrate its rosy color.  There are no added dyes or fragrances. Every ingredient serves a purpose in cleansing, nourishing, and protecting your hair, scalp and mind.

Thank you Victoria and Nicole for sharing your Ethos with The Post Supply. We are honored to carry such a mindful brand.