The Post Supply was founded in 2021 by two best friends, Katie Bowes and Hannah Haehn. After scheming for years about opening a modern home goods store, they took the leap, combining their skillsets and visions to create a shop that acted as a platform for makers, artisans, and brands they were personally connected to or inspired by. The symbiotic relationships they develop with these people and small businesses imbues the space with meaning and care.

The Post Supply assortment is curated through a combination of intuition and careful consideration of many intersecting factors: where and how the product is made, who is making it, how it fits in with our larger vision, and whether customers have been requesting it. Thought is also given to what each product will add to someone’s life — Will it solve a problem? Provide beauty and inspiration? Make someone feel cared for? Every product Katie and Hannah choose is one they’d want in their own home or life.

The Post Supply begins and ends with people, from the makers and artisans to the shoppers, friends, and collaborators who fill the shop with life. The Post Supply hopes to make all the people in their orbit feel cozy, inspired, and held.