Fall Equinox

Fall Equinox

The word Equinox descends from Aequus, Latin for equal, and Nox, for night.  As the earth makes its way around the sun, we pay close attention to the equinoxes-- those two special days when the length of daytime mirrors the length of nighttime. 

The autumnal equinox invites you to prepare for long nights and dry, chill, windy days.  So many of us treasure the sensory qualities of fall-- warm toned leaves, the sweet, floral, slightly alcoholic smell of decomposing apples, the welcome itch of a favorite wool sweater-- and yet we so often forget to nourish our minds and bodies as we leave the well lit mania of summer behind. 

Fall is a time to embrace the internal-- nourishing our minds and bodies, as well as our homes, can help us slow down, warm up, and welcome darker days as we stoke the fires within.



Ways to Slow Down
& Warm Up:

Brew a pot of herbal tea EVERY DAY.  Most medicinal herbs have cumulative effects in the body, so embrace the ritual and feel the magic seep in.

Write.  Tuning in to the moon cycle is a great way to start a journaling practice-- this year’s Harvest Moon is early (9/20), so eat some local vegetables, put on the Neil Young classic, and let it flow.

Turn off your phone, grab a book and wrap yourself in a favorite blanket.  Avoiding digital media and dimming your lights at sundown (light candles instead!) is a great way to support your natural circadian rhythms, which helps ease stress and improve sleep.

Hydrate!  As the summer heat fades, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water-- but the dry season requires deep hydration, too.  Herbal tea and lemon water to drink, and healthy fats internally and externally-- think root vegetables roasted with ghee, olive oil drenched dark leafy greens, polenta with grass fed butter; and rich salves and balms for the skin.


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