Interview with MAKR Founder Jason Gregory

The Post Supply invited Jason Gregory, founder of MAKR, to be part of our mini-interview series. Read on below for an insight into his world, and to find out more about him, check out this great profile!

MAKR is new to The Post Supply and we couldn't be more thrilled. Your products are rooted in a simplified yet elevated aesthetic that is accessible to all. Who do you design for when you are working on your designs? Who is the customer in your mind’s eye that you are bringing things to life for?

There is a “Journal” section on our site to kind of collect who I’m designing for, it’s more of an overall sensibility that I don’t know if any one person could fully occupy. I’d say someone that loves food and swimming, architecture and riding bikes, gets real joy from their “things” but doesn’t have too many, likes natural landscapes over manicured, excited by the accidental compositions that appear in the world - someone that prefers small moments rather than spectacles. They avoid crowds and are confident in what they find beautiful.

As for the “form” inspiration of my work, it’s more related to leveraging construction methods and proportion preferences with an appreciation of detail and order. I love when form and details flow from one element to the next and balance just so - Order with a little bit of intentional awkwardness.

We love all your canvas totes. What is a tote if not a metaphor for a catch all of daily life - How are you living with yours? What tote are you carrying and what do you have inside of it? 

My current laptop bag is a new design that I’ve worked out a system for, a sharp corner that looks “impossible” but is achieved by a tricky little pattern maneuver and modified presser foot. The series will be released early next year along with other products that utilize the technique.

What’s inside - Surface Laptop, Leuchtturm1917 Large Format Sketchbook, Kuratake sketch pens in black and gray, charger, mouse, two ballistic pouches for random stuff.

The bag I use on the weekend and that I’ve used the longest is a MAKR x Heath Ceramics x Geoff McFetridge “Farm” Tote with the adorable graphic pattern title of “less crowded”. You can find it online, it has the same artwork that was featured in the movie “Her”. I love Geoff’s work and the bag has held up for almost 10 years.

What’s inside - Clothes and our “Prism” dopp kit. I live part time in Saint Augustine so I’m traveling back and forth every weekend. If we are being incredibly specific - Brown Nanamica Pants, Lady White Pocket Tee’s, Unqlo U Long Sleeve White Shirt, Birdwell Made in USA Stretch board shorts and some Suicoke Sandals. There ya go.

You've been doing this a long time, since 2007! - what favorites are The Post Supply carrying that you know have stood the test of time, that people keep coming back to and engaging with over the years?

To continue on with the “Farm” tote talk, it’s probably the oldest bag we have, the third I ever designed. It inspired the whole “Farm” series and is still in production. Just a good tote that sits nicely when placed on the ground with very high quality veg-tanned leather handles.

We’ve held on to a lot of our product and make subtle refinements over the years. We sell a pretty broad spectrum of things and constantly get emails/DM’s about how long everything lasts. Which is a good thing, but also means people need to buy less, which is difficult for a brand. Planned obsolescence isn’t part of our mission.