A Lesson In Medieval Candle Making

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"I’ve always been good with my hands. Show me a picture of just about anything and I can make it, from wood-work to candles. Medieval candle making involves making candles by hand. The twisted Duplero (one of my most popular candles) is an old Italian candle dating back centuries. I make that candle by sitting, dipping each one, over and over again. Each one is unique. Most candles today are made by machine or mold, producing high quantities at once. What’s lost in that method is the craftsmanship and artistry of candle making - The Medieval Tradition - is abandoned."
"All beeswax isn’t raw. Most is made in a lab meaning that they contain carcinogens and toxins that can lead to cancer and other health problems. This is the very link between wax and wellness, which is why I am loyal to my wax supplier. The wax that I use comes from sustainable beekeepers. It’s always raw, without chemicals. I am always searching for old traditions and new ideas."

"Beeswax and candle making is definitely alchemy. Starting with the very shape of the honeycomb, which is a hexagon. Mathematically, it is the perfect organizational shape, creating the least waste of space. This is what some people call sacred geometry. And I acknowledge and honor that. Beeswax is a product of hardworking female honeybees. They brilliantly produce an organic compound of 71% esters, 15% hydrocarbons, 8% free fatty acids, and 6% other components. When working with raw beeswax, it’s constantly changing, never stagnant. It’s really a magical substance. I’ve learned so much over the years working in this craft.

Every season the harvest is different because no flower or plant is same. So every harvest tells a story about what happened locally in nature that year. So the first thing I do when I receive a “batch” is SMELL it. The smell influences everything I do with the wax. It informs the composition or absence of essential oils I add; it informs how I work with the wax; and at what temperatures I pour it."


"The scent of beeswax is so relaxing, I never work my craft when I’m in a bad mood. The energetic exchange between myself and the consumer is really important to me because those intentions are what make “candle magic”. Yes, it’s all about the combustion, the perfect burn, but energy and intention are just as important. Because from the bees, to me, to you, to your friend blowing out her birthday candles, we have all just transformed energy. "