Interview with Anemone Delvoie of A N I ceramics

The Post Supply got a peek inside the studio of Anemone Delvoie of A N I ceramics and discussed her self-taught method and what about living in Big Sur inspires her.


We think what is so special in your ceramics work is your dedication to the self-taught approach. Can you describe why it's important to you and your work to maintain your own self exploration? 

It’s really in this process that I find all the fun! I always loved exploring and when I discover how vast and eclectic working with clay and glazes can be, I got so excited to try new things. Researching around it is really what triggers me, that’s why I love working with oxides and carbonates so much - there are infinite combinations to try. I value my time alone in the studio a lot and I feel that it’s very vital and energizing to be self-taught. I think that in a class environment I would be shyer to make the things that I make at home.



Your shapes and designs feel both modern and timeless. Where do your design inspirations come from?  

I think a lot comes from my childhood in Belgium, my dad is an industrial design teacher and always opened my eyes to how things are made. We were surrounded with art and modern furniture growing up. At the same time, I am so inspired by classic old French ceramics, the kind of stuff you can find in flea markets in Europe. My grandmother’s home is always in my mind.



How does living in Big Sur inform your work as an artist? 

I am so grateful to live here and for my kids to grow up here, but it is also very challenging and isolating. Making art here keeps me sane. I have so much more free time than when I lived in San Francisco. We live in a beautiful modern cabin build in the 50s that inspires me a lot too. 

And of course living in the country slowed me down, I feel more detailed oriented and observing of nature around me all the time. The drama yet peace of Big Sur is probably unconsciously driving some of my choices as well.