Interview with Artist and Ceramicist Rebekah Miles

We were over the moon to spend some time in the world of Rebekah Miles. She shared with us her history as an artist and some images of her newest ceramics work in studio. We are honored to be a stockist of her stunning line of cards available in store and online now.

We have been Rebekah Miles fans for years and have been lovers of all your different painting projects from your early ceramics, watercolor classes to book covers. We would love to share with our community a brief history of you as a person and an artist.

I appreciate your mentions of my other work since most people know more about my ceramics. In fact, I wish I had the time (and the studio space!) to do more watercolor classes and book covers in addition to ceramics.
A brief history, I live with my six-year-old daughter, Inez, and our dog, Tulip, just outside of Carpinteria, CA on my family's avocado ranch. When I'm not making ceramics, I love to garden, exercise, eat good food, and do fun and meaningful things with friends and family. I have been painting and making hand painted objects for a long time. When I was about eight years old, I painted paper mache molds of avocados for doll-sized masks, and although the shape didn't quite fit they left a cool impression on me!

You often choose motifs and colors that are inspired by the land and the flora and fauna of a location. Can you speak to how and why you incorporate these themes in your work?

I love how nature in the form of motifs on vases and plates is limitless. From eels and wild mushrooms to mermaids and jam. It is amazing how humans use their imagination with nature and that someone thought up the first folktale of a mermaid, and someone discovered preserving fruit.

We are thrilled to carry your line of cards in our shop. Can you speak to why you decided to venture into paper goods and tell us more about why you chose to partner with Paper Chase Press?

I started making paper goods originally to have a personal card I could use to add to orders, thanking my customers. I loved how they came out. Soon I started receiving special requests for greeting cards, so it felt like the perfect opportunity to venture in this direction. I chose to partner with PCP because they are a woman-owned business with a great aesthetic, and they care about using environmentally friendly materials which is important to me. Hopefully there will be more paper goods to come.