Introducing Lesse : Interview with Founder Neada Deters

 The Post Supply chats with Neada Deters about ritual, skincare and the simple life. We are enamored with the clear vision behind Lesse - less is more - and how this approach to skin care enhances our lives inside and out. Read more below from our interview with Neada. 


We love the name Lesse and know that it holds more meaning that just a name! Can you dive into how the name came to be and how it reflects your approach to skin care and living life?

Our founding philosophy 'less is more' is inherent in all that we do, and the very ritual that our skin care products create. We believe in creating only what is essential to support skin morning and night, and take focus on multi beneficial formulas that allow you to use fewer products that deliver more effective results. 
 'LESSE' is pronounced "less" and derives from this philosophy.


Lesse is all about ritual over routine. Can you discuss the difference in the shift of perspective and how that can alter the process of taking care of ourselves - from inside out?

For so many of us, skin care has felt like a burden to take on; a routine that we must complete. We want skin care to be a ritual, morning and night, when you can reconnect with yourself and take pause to reflect on the beauty of the day. 
Through our multi beneficial formulas, we are minimizing the amount of steps in your routine to create time and space for you to enjoy the ritual.


Tell us about you! Why did you start a skin care company and what are you hoping it will bring to the world? How is it healing for yourself, others and the planet?

I was an editor, interviewing leading experts in the beauty industry and testing every skin care product on the market, but I struggled to find products that would treat my cystic acne and hyperpigmentation and help to fortify my sensitive skin. I also noted how few natural options there were in the world that would address these common skin concerns without the use of harsh or questionable chemicals.
I felt incredibly disempowered for many years and started to reflect on how others must feel, trying to navigate this incredibly complex world of skin care, without the privilege of my all access pass as an editor. I really wanted to simplify and elevate the experience of skin care, through uncompromisingly safe and natural formulas.
We hope that carries through in the experience of our products—the LESSE ritual, not routine.