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We know gifting can be tricky. We enlisted the help of some of friends of The Post Supply to choose their favorite gift items from our assortment.We hope these guides will help inspire your Holiday gifting this season.

Patrice Sosoo is an NYC branding and creative executive with over 15 years of experience with brands like InStyle, ELLE magazine, LVMH and American Express. She also shares life lessons she learned the hard way in the Women’s Social Club she created called Little Gems. We love Patrice's take on holiday gifting and entertaing this year. Read about her picks below!

1. I bake a lot and I’m always on the hunt for beautiful platters to showcase the yummy goods. The pop of blue is begging to be paired with Christmas cookies.

2. I love this upgrade on an everyday baking essential.

3. These gorgeous placemats are just what I’ve been looking for to make Sunday dinners a little more special.

4. If you want to set the ultimate cozy vibes, tapered candles are a must! This collection of colorful candles will add some fun to my neutral palette home.

5. I did a little dance when I found these pitchers because they’re doing double duty as a gorgeous art piece and functional pitcher. It will be the star of my next dinner party.

6. This is the perfect gift for those hard to shop for recipients. Everyone wants a warm and cozy alpaca beanie, they just don’t know it yet.

Kal Morrison is a renowned tattooer and owner of Highland Park Tattoo Co. in Highland Park, California. Creativity, artfulness and inspiration are his constants whether it be cooking at home, camping in the mountains or playing music with friends. We are grateful to Kal for sharing his selects for some gift ideas. Read more below!

1. Field Company makes ultra light cast iron which is perfect for easy handling while cooking big stews. I use my cast iron pans for everything from bread in the oven at home to cooking around a campfire.

2. This boot scraper is tough and a necessary item for every season outside the front door or on the back porch.

3. For camping or daily use, this log carrier is going to get a lot of love from anyone who likes to have a fire when the weather cools.

4. These are my favorite glasses for a wine or whiskey at the end of the day. They feel sturdy and its enjoyable to sip from them.

5. Incense is an important part of daily ritual and can change the feeling in any space.

6. I love adding a little heat to food when I'm cooking and these smokey chili flakes would be a great addition to anyone's pantry.

7. A book for inspiration and knowledge. It's laid out really well and looks great on a coffee table.

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Rebekah Miles, ceramicist and painter, lives and has her studio on a ranch outside of Carpinteria, CA. Her pieces are contempory heirlooms with motifs inspired by the flora and fauna of different regions. We are honored to count her as a dear friend and to have her share her picks for gifting this season.

1. The tin of chocolates is so stunning as a gift on its own. You can reuse the tin after to keep special trinkets in.

2./4./5./9. I chose the pens, pencils, washi tape and small chocolate tins as stocking stuffers. I love an especially filled stocking and I always put a tangerine in the toe (grand finale snack and family tradition).

3. These gorgeous hotel slippers are shearling and look like a dream to wear.

6. All Balm is a must have for hands as the weather dries.

7./8. Milkweed Farm's Elderberry Elixir and Herbal Throat Spray is what everyone wants on their list for healthy clean self care this season.


Photographer Sidney Bensimon was born in Paris, France and moved to the States when she was 14. Fast forward to now, she splits her time between Brooklyn and Mid-Coast Maine. When not on set, she spends her time taking a bi-jillion photos of her daughter Romy. Check out Sidney's picks for gifting below!

1. This present is for me, I need a little more self care in my life these days.

2. I collect their baskets at home and fill them with toys from my daughter Romy :)
Also, Vinnie and Carol, the owners are some of my favorite people! They are amazing business owners that actually want to help make this place a better place.

3. I try to purchase 1 or 2 Cody Foster ornaments a year. They are so beautiful on a tree.

4. I love this book! I have one of the originals from the 70s, the pages are starting to come out. A magical book that highlights all that matters in life.

5. Santa is bringing my daughter Romy a kitchen set for Christmas and these beautiful wooden tools will be great to put in her stocking.

6. I remember going to La Soufflerie pop up in the Marais in Paris a few years ago and wanting everything from it! I really like the new color collection.



Elizabeth Atterbury, artist and sculpture, lives in Portland, Maine with her family. We are grateful for her keen and artistic take on gifting from The Post Supply this season.

1. This was the first item I ever bought from Post Supply. We installed ours near the kitchen sink and use it to hang dry reused plastic bags and wet dish towels. My friend installed hers near the wood stove for wet hats and mittens, and I know someone else who put it in the laundry room for drying under garments. Versatile, attractive.

2. I love the signature red hem on these handsome napkins.

3. I just bought myself a pair of these. Soft, stylish, warm.

4. I love everything ANK but am particularly fond of the one-of-a-kind large bowls and platters she has been making recently. Perfect for oysters, giant salads, pasta, a roasted chicken.

5. The Post Supply has a wide selection of fancy glassware. I especially like the Ogaard dot glasses. Each one is slightly different.

6. I own this book and love it for the photography as much as the architecture. A great gift for someone interested in design.

7. A beautiful object. And useful. Putting in my husband’s stocking.

Ty Williams is a mixed media artist focused primarily on the sea and the coastline as his subject. His work is playfully sarcastic and fancifully sublime with an element of innocence and heartbreak. We are grateful to call him our dear friend! Check out Ty's picks for gifting below!

1. I am a habitual salty, dry,“weathered mess”, so this is my skin’s “life jacket”- I keep a bottle in the car and at home (who am I kidding those are the same place)

2. I have tried any and all sunscreens and this is the one I use daily - it’s clean and doesn’t irritate my skin - plus it’s “non-fussy packaging” is easy for my beach tote when I’m in a rush.

3. Like everyone, I’m trying to age gracefully and maybe look halfway decent while I do it. I love a hat!!, especially a nice classic like this. Versatile!! good for the beach and the bar afterwards. And thanks for asking I’ll have a tequila soda.

4. Taking baths is one of the only times I chill out (besides sleeping). And I adore different soaks and salts and teas for my tub time. This one in particular smells great and is calming. 

5. Being from Maine I have learned to really appreciate the sun. (Sometimes we get it and sometimes we do not for a good chunk of time…) - which is why I enjoy having “sun related” designs in our home. It’s a friendly reminder that even though it’s grey today, it won’t be forever. The Sol Amuleto by Casa Veronica is a perfectly sized little reminder of the clearer skies ahead.

6. Not to sound “dramatic” but , towels are crucial to my very existence. I’m constantly changing In the cold elements after a surf and a nice thick towel always makes me stoked. Plus it’s cute.

7. I can never have enough things to draw with. I draw often. I write messages to people daily. I scribble notes and give them to loved ones and even “unloved ones”. Pencils are not all created equal and Japanese office supplies are the best you can get - trust me. Thanks.

8. This book is a tasteful showing of some spots in my home state / normally I feel like these types of books are silly or fluffy but this one is beautiful and thoughtful  - my friend Greta shot the photos and she is an inspiration in that she cares about what happens here in Maine - and who doesn’t love that ?

9. Why don’t you already have this book? Get it. You can figure out what that tattoo you got in Mexico actually means !!! / jokes aside… this book is a vital resource in the studio, and we like to open a page at random and read them out loud to try and learn. It’s perfect for reading a page a day away from our phones.

10. I'm constantly trying to remember to drink more water. This glass sits by our bed and I get excited to drink water in the middle of the night out of it or early morning. It’s pretty to look at and the cat can’t fit her face in it. 



Jasmine Parsia is an artist, designer, and curator. She's based in Vermont, and is often in Maine. Jasmine works with many emerging and established brands to create content, printed materials, and lots in between. Her personal work is rooted in printmaking and collage, and often references her frequent time by the ocean. When she isn't working, she's usually cooking a meal for friends or teaching a printmaking class. Jasmine's picks from our assortment below!

1. I'm such a fan of everything and anything that Ariela makes! I love this platter for serving dishes at a dinner party, and it also doubles as a perfect container for holding veggies on the counter. Gift this to your holiday host.

2. These fennel seeds are so fragrant (the name says it all!), they add a nice touch to many dishes or steeped into a tea. Gift this to your favorite chef.

3. I lost the bid on Joan Didion's Celine sunglasses, so I'm gifting this book to loved ones instead. Didion was an absolute icon and this new book shows her world beautifully.

4. I love the scent of this candle, it's both warming and energizing. The unique wax casting of this candle makes it an extra special piece in any space. Gift this to anyone that needs an extra lift (don’t we all!).

5. I'm always looking for something that feels cleansing and nourishing without weighing my hair down. The Sisters shampoo and conditioner is great, and a little goes a long way. Gift this to your favorite long-haired friend.

6. My favorite part of giving gifts is wrapping them up in homemade paper and pretty tape, these washi tapes are perfect for wrapping gifts. This one's for you, and for them. :)

7. I love the color and texture of the glass. The small size makes it perfect for small sips of mezcal. Gift this to your favorite spirits connoisseur.

8. I always have the best of intentions to make a homemade card for everyone, but let's be honest – time gets away from us all, so I leave this part of the gift to the pros. Everyone should get one.

9. I love looking at nice and neat interiors as much as the next person, but there's something so refreshing about the way Apartamento shows each person in their space. It's genuine, it's intimate, and often it's messy. I've found some of my favorite artists, musicians, and more from reading Apartamento over the years. Gift this to your friend that just bought a house.

10. Last but not least, treat yourself to something nice. This body oil smells great and feels luxurious. Add a couple drops to your bath, smother yourself in it after a shower. The bottle lasts a long time, too! This one's for you – you don't have to feel like dried mud all winter. :)

Carley Rudd is a nomadic travel photographer working in LA, NYC and around the world. A creative soul from the beginning, she was raised by two artists in Maine, where she developed a connection to nature and appreciation for natural beauty. We love her eye and are grateful she turned it towards our assortment for her gift recommendations.

1. Coming in to grab these for my outdoor-loving mom to keep her hands warm and cozy on her Maine winter adventures!

2. Candlelight is a must for surviving the winter months up North and I love everything the Flamingo Estate is doing. This rosemary candle takes me back to my days of living in California or exploring seaside villages along the Mediterranean coast. A perfect gift for my hygge-loving friends and their cozy homes.

3. The perfect set for my globetrotting pals. I'm a big fan of Sister's products and love this TSA friendly set. I actually bought this for my trip to Spain last summer and kept the bottles to refill for future trips.

4. A little taste of Maine for my out-of-state friends and family - I'm always a fan of consumable gifts

5. A perfect combo for my slow-living, foodie friends and hosts. I've always been a fan of Julie Pointer Adams' imagery and can just imagine my friends recreating these scenes for a Maine summer picnic with these beautiful Madre linen napkins in tote.

6. What a special piece! The shape is stunning. I love arranging flowers in my space throughout the year and can just imagine the bouquets this vase could compliment. This one might be going on my own holiday wishlist.