The Post Supply x Seven Lakes Inn

Behind the Scenes

The Post Supply partnered with the Seven Lakes Inn in Belgrade, ME as the location for our Fall photoshoot because its history and intentions align with our themes for Fall - family and community. See the full interview with Co-Founder of Seven Lakes Inn, Jordan Shaw, below as well as a few behind the scenes images from our shoot. We can't wait to share what's coming in our Fall collection with you soon.


What is the spirit behind the Seven Lakes Inn and it's founding?

Seven Lakes Inn all starts with family. My mom and I decided to open a Bed & Breakfast together in Belgrade Lakes first and foremost for its proximity to our extended family and their camp that has been here for 50+ years. All of our fondest memories here go back decades and so many families who visit this area share similar stories with lots of rich nostalgic memories of summers on the lake and visiting the businesses in town that have been here as long as we’ve been coming.

The Inn also allows us the opportunity to combine so many of our favorite creative interests and passions and wrap it all up in a little cohesive package offering for our visitors. I also live right on the property and we’ve made several intentional choices throughout the stay that may not be as typical, but we hope invites a feeling of comfortability and warmth, like you are being welcomed into the home of a friend.

What are your dreams for the community a space like what you are building can create?

Ideally Seven Lakes Inn can be a space that celebrates creativity in several forms, honors authentic expression and connection, inclusive community, thoughtful design, and nourishing food. We hope you simply feel taken care of and uplifted while being here, and given permission to just escape for a moment to reconnect to nature and a more simple way of living. We also hope to utilize the rest of the property to continue to nurture that sense of community and expand our offerings beyond the limitations of our guest rooms, still in an intimate and meaningful way. We would love to continue to honor the history of this property and the town and its incredible community while putting our own creative stamp on the Inn as both an offering to the public and as a place our family continues to love to visit for years to come.

What is the history of design and architecture that has gone into the space as it was build and what are the tenants of the design philosophy that you are cultivating?

The bones of this 1843 Italianate building have been well maintained and preserved by its tenants throughout the years. We really didn’t want to change too much or alter it’s foundation, but instead kept everything pretty minimal, just adding some texture and paint to the main gathering spaces to further encourage those comforting, inviting elements. We’ve sourced a combination of French and classic New England antiques with some modern finishes and amenities, to supplement and highlight the beautiful remaining original details of the building, like the marble fireplace or stair railing. Each guest room is completely different, again just like you’re stepping into someone’s home - where’s the fun in copying and pasting? My mom and I would much rather take a road trip together to a few of our favorite antique shops and discover the perfect unique piece for the “snow pond room” that was just a match made in heaven for our custom linen headboard hand-sewn by a friend. But the real star of the show is the surrounding environment of the gorgeous lake and encompassing mountains, so we try to honor that through natural tones, textures and materials throughout the space.


Thanks for having us Seven Lakes Inn!