Boulder Pocket Tee - Washed White

Boulder Pocket Tee - Washed White

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The hardest working tee you’ll ever meet– nothing withstands the elements like this rugged hemp wonder. Built for outdoor adventure or tough jobs– you'll want to break this one in over time (like your favorite pair of jeans).

  • Classic fit, short sleeve, crew neck pocket tee
  • Structured, heavyweight, rugged 10 oz fabric
  • Amazing weighted drape, without much give
  • As you wear + wash it over time the fabric molds to your body
  • 55 Hemp/45 Organic Cotton - Jersey
  • Men's sizing

Jungmaven’s mission is to raise awareness about the many uses of hemp, and why its regenerative qualities make it a desirable alternative to finite, natural resources that are less healthy for the environment. Fashion is a form of activism: what we choose to wear says both who we are and what we stand for. Making beautiful, high-quality hemp clothing is Jungmaven’s way of creating a medium through which we can all demand change with our dollars and express what kind of future we want to live in.

Made in USA