• The Post Supply's Guide to Maine 2023

    There is so much to see, do and love about Maine – this has always been true but the state feels especially vibrant these days thanks to so much new energy having arrived in recent years. We wanted to share our list for favorite spots around the state, primarily focused along the coast and accessible via 295 or Route 1. The most dense focus is around Portland, where our shop is based.
  • Celebrate the equinox with spring cleaning The Post Supply way!

    Whether the equinox’s generous hours of sunlight are melting the last inches of snow, giving colorful life to bulbs and trees, or illuminating an evergreen landscape of succulents and conifers, the shift from dark to equal to light is palpable, no matter the climate you call home.
  • Happy Winter Solstice from The Post Supply

        Amidst the steady stream of FM Christmas carols, to-do lists, gift wrapping, cookie-fuelled meltdowns, air travel gone awry, and all the othe...
  • Come Together

    On Building Community This Autumn
  • Fall Equinox

    Ways to Slow Down & Warm Up