The Post Supply's 2023 Holiday Gift Guides

We are honored to have so many incredibly inspiring and talented humans participate in our gift guides this year! From ice cream makers to actresses to editors, writers, teachers, artists, chefs and more; it's so fun - and inspiring - to see the selects from our assortment that these gift givers are longing to give.
This year, we wanted to try something different and encourage our community to step away from their typical work and play in our collection for the holidays. The ask: create a unique collage and include 5-10 of your favorite gift items from our assortment however you feel inspired. We love what our friends came up with - not only are their selections just perfect gift ideas but the range of collage interpretations felt so energizing and fun.
Read on below for guides from the Co-Founders of The Post Supply, Katie Bowes and Hannah Haehn, and the magnificent line up we have featured for you this year : INSIDES Studio, Rachel Gloria Adams, Alison Carrol, Victoria Nam, Kristina Holey, Laura O'Neill, Marjory Sweet, Bre Blair, Fabiana Pigna, Mother Tongue, Kerrilyn Pamer, Anja Tyson, and Kate Lindello! 



Gift Guide : Katie Bowes

Katie is one of the Co-Founders of The Post Supply. She lives in Maine with her two children, husband, dog and 11 chickens. Her greatest joys are gathering community, sharing meals, swimming in the ocean, walking in the woods, and working with makers and artisans at The Post Supply.

MOIRÉ CHOCOLATE: A beautiful and ethically sourced bean to bar chocolate lovingly made by a dear friend. Every time I gift one or break one out at the end of a dinner party, it feels like a love letter.

BUTTER DISH: An object I got a bit obsessed with this year. Yearning for the right look at the right price made by someone here in Maine. Aimee is so talented, I love how these came out! They are such a special touch for someone’s table.

LOUIS SHERRY: I buy a box of these for my mom every Christmas. I love how decorative the tins are and can be re-used for many purposes. Also the chocolates are truly delicious.

MARY MACGILL: I am so excited to partner with Mary as I have long admired her delicate, stunning jewelry design. These feel so special and just the right price for gifting.

OGAARD GLASSES: My wildly talented and creative friend Tessa designs these - they are made of recycled glass in Mexico and I absolutely love drinking from them. They are stunning in the light and have a beautiful weight to them. A special touch for anyone’s shelves or next gathering.

MADRE x THE POST SUPPLY NAPKINS: I’ve been using linen napkins for as long as I can recall and was especially excited when I learned of the work Madre is doing in Oregon. These wash so beautifully, I choose to hang mine to dry instead of ironing to keep them super low maintenance. They keep their color and soft hand-feel wash after wash.

EVERYDAY OIL: I keep the large bottle in my bathroom and the small bottle in my bag and love to gift these as they are true crowd pleasers and everyone can find a use for them especially in these dry winter months.

WONDER VALLEY: Another special item I reach for constantly when heading to someone’s home or needing a special gift for “the one who has everything”.

CAMINO VINEGAR: Julia Sherman introduced us to Camino and she was NOT WRONG. This vinegar is TRULY special. After dousing my salads in it all summer long, I have now taken to gifting this alongside Olive Oil anytime I stay at someone’s home or need a host/hostess gift that will be sure to please the recipient.

SUN ORNAMENT & JENNY PENNYWOOD EVERYWHERE SQUARES: To me, these are such special touches when wrapping a gift. The Everywhere square makes a stunning eco-friendly gift wrap that can be used as a tea towel or napkin and the ornament is such a fun addition to anyone’s tree to holiday decor. It reminds me that even in the darkest months of the year, the sun will always return.

CASA VERONICA CANDLE HOLDERS & TAPER CANDLES: Veronica is one of my favorite artists and collaborators, I keep these on my table and love to gift them to peopler as a special handmade touch to their homes (must be gifted with Maine made tapers of course!)

ANEMONE EGG CUPS: Anemone is another one of my favorite artists and ceramicists who I have been so fortunate to partner with the past year. I love these funky egg cups on a shelf, on a kitchen table, or frankly - as a digestif sipper as my friend Nate of Luce Spirits in Rockland thought up!

AIMEE SOAP DISH: Another object I became obsessed with after a trip to Spain a few summers ago. Aimee was game to collaborate on a design and I love these whimsical takes. They look so pretty in the shower or on the sink. We also sell a bunch of beautiful soaps to pair with these as the perfect gift!

VESSEL GARDEN MUGS: These are such a perfect size and come in all kinds of beautiful fun patterns - the base is flat which makes them perfect for whisking Matcha or balancing on the dashboard of your car :)

Gift Guide : Hannah Haehn 

Hannah is one of the Co-Founders of The Post Supply. She lives in Los Angeles, where she produces photography shoots and co-owns DONNA Collective. Supporting the creative visions of artists, friends and loved ones through all avenues makes her feel like she is in flow with the universe. She wants the world, and all of our lives, to be just a little more beautiful everyday.

MADRE x THE POST SUPPLY NAPKINS: It was a dream come true that we got to partner with the ladies of MADRE to make a color way exclusive to The Post Supply. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the blue and green and how the colors play off of each other. MADRE napkins have to be the go to gift of the season.

NOTO RESURFACE SCRUB: As my good friend would say, it makes your skin as smooth as a dolphin's. This scrub is no joke. Anyone you know with any aquatic animal skin dreams would be so over the moon to receive this. Also, we love supporting Gloria, her mission and everything she does!

HALF MOON CUTTING BOARDS: I use my cutting boards every single day – the best part is that they are one solid piece of wood, so no cracking glue-ups. The large is my favorite for its size and it looks amazing as a serving board. How all three stack together in this rainbow shape has me swooning at how they elevate my kitchen.

THE DEEP BLACK GARLIC CONCENTRATE: Rhea Goods are a go-to in my pantry. They are unique, thoughtfully made and über-delicious. I go through my Deep Black Garlic Concentrate quickly because I put in in anything I want to add a little umami to which is usually everything. Best adult stocking stuffer idea!

REBEKAH MILES CARDS:  I love everything Rebekah makes. Her ceramics are my favorite things I own and I treasure them in all my daily rituals. We are beyond honored to stock her precious cards that are the perfect pairing with a gift. IYKYK.

MOTHER TONGUE MAGAZINE: This magazine! These women! These writers! These artists! I feel the world changing (or is it me?) with every issue. If you know some one who has a mom, is a mom, knows a mom, or has ever met a mom, this gift is for them.

LANTERNE: I am a sucker for a beautiful object just because it is. This is a candle holder, a sculpture, a centerpiece, a conversation starer - made in France by the most incredible glass makers and plaster artists. Ok, fine, I'm getting this for me.

PICNIC BASKET ORNAMENT: I mean...is this not just the happiest little treasure for a tree to remind those of warmer days, picnics, soft bread and good cheese. Maybe the gift is this ornament and the old fashioned IOU coupon "Good for one picnic when the weather warms. You pick the place. I'll bring the snacks".

THE QUIET BOTANIST CHOCOLATES: These objects of beauty will truly impress. Once unwrapped they are like a slice of life in an upstate florist shop that very much so transports. I love the Matcha Rose for its pop of green and rose petals and just the creamiest, yummiest flavor.

EARLY RISER COMPANION: If I had to gift one thing to families with young children it would be this book. It encourages us to find ritual, stillness, simplicty and creativity that grounds us. In a world where there is so much and it's too much, this beautiful book full of activities for the family in each season changes the pace and reverence of parenthood. 

 Gift Guide : INSIDES Studio

Insides Studio is an interior and design development studio that takes a holistic and unified approach to the design process. Their  approach is to observe the social and anthropological elements of a space, looking at the vernacular, the scale, and movement of a room, define its essence, and explore its feeling.

APARTAMENTO: We are constantly inspired by the way Apartamento captures the intimate and unfiltered spaces people live and create in. This book is composed of stunning out-of-print photographs by Dominique Nabokov of historic Parisian living spaces and is a must-have for any home library.
WONDER VALLEY OLIVE OIL: We recently tried this olive oil at a dinner party and it really is liquid gold in a bottle. Beyond the delicious taste, the packaging is chic. A perfect gift for anyone who loves to host as you can set this next to a loaf of bread and be done.
OGAARD DOT GLASSES: Handcrafted in Mexico from recycled glass, Ogaard’s dot glasses bear the marks of individuality. Slightly tilted and pleasantly wobbly, each one is unique and brings an appreciation of the inherent craftsmanship with every sip. I personally have these in my kitchen and use as my everyday glassware.
ESPIRAL LAMP:  When considering pieces for a client's home we're drawn to objects that have a sense of hand and story to them. This sizable, hand-built, stoneware lamp is a lovely artistic punctuation for any nook or shelf.
ALL THE STUFF WE COOKED: Having been lucky enough to dine at two of Frederik Bille Brahe’s Copenhagen restaurants in the pre-pandemic era, I found myself following his Instagram account during lockdown for inspiration. The narrative surrounding each meal on Bille Brahe's account was a poetic journey and the recipes were simple enough to actually try. I was delighted to learn that these very recipes found a home in "All the Stuff we Cooked."
BLUE STONEWARE INCENSE HOLDER and INCAUSA INCENSE: We’ve burned Incausa incense in our homes for years and also love the baskets and historical pieces they curate. This blue stoneware holder paired with their White Sage Resin Incense is a great gift.
Honorable mentions featured in our ‘collage’:


Gift Guide : Rachel Gloria Adams

 Rachel Gloria Adams is a multidisciplinary artist living in Portland, ME. Adams has developed a vibrant, graphic pattern-based visual language filled with references to the natural world that posses an heirloom quality. Her work takes form by way of quilting, painting, design and large scale murals.


 BAGGU SOCKS: We love a Baggu moment and their socks are a perfect pop of color and joy.

NOTO MULTI-BENE STICK: I am not a make up person and I love these NOTO sticks, excellent color stay and great assortment of shades. Easy application, easy to carry add a lil mascara and you are good to go!

SALT WATER BUMPER STICKER: Ty’s visual language captures the ease and beauty of the ocean. Good clean design and a reminder that stepping away to the ocean is always a good idea.

ANK CERAMICS: I don’t think it gets much better than an ANK ceramic piece. There’s and effortless ease to her work that any one who has touch clay knows is not easy to achieve. These pieces make a statement and are sure to ‘level up’ your tablescape.

SOL AND LUNA AMULETOS: I love tiny pieces of art, because you are able to sneak them into unlikely places. These amulets just put a smile on your face and are sure to. Ring joy wherever they go!

YOUNG, GIFTED AND BLACK: A beautiful book of beautiful artwork made by beautiful black artists, need I say more?

MATISSE: The type of book you can leave open on the coffee table and the artwork just illuminates the room. Pops of color and imaginative shapes excellent inspiration for at home art projects with the kiddos!

ANCHOVIES ORNAMENT: I love a pop art moment on a tree and when ornaments can be used year round!

COOKING FOR ARTISTS: This is on my wishlist and I can’t wait to dive in

2024 CALENDAR: These calendars are stunning and will likely stay up in my house for years to come.

MĀNUKA HONEY MASK AND GREEN BOTANICAL SERUM: Uh yes please. Also on my wishlist - we love a spa moment and I can’t wait for this bit of luxury to touch my face

Gift Guide : Alison Carrol

Alison Carrol is Co-Founder of Wonder Valley. You'll feel nourished by the vitality of their hand harvested, antioxidant-rich olive oil throughout their collection, which they press each November in the groves in Northern California since they started in 2014. Great Olive Oil has the power to elevate everyday life and they believe in it's holistic power to support both internal health and external beauty.

PICNIC PITCHER: I would drink a lot of tea out of this...

CODY FOSTER ORNAMENTS: INSANE ornaments! Hard to pick...but this orange!!

CAMINO VINEGAR: A truly marvelous vinegar, forever my go to with our olive oil. <3

BUTTER DISH: I'm an oil gal but still LOVE butter - love this blue dish.

WONDER VALLEY SEAWEED BODY SCRUB: Gettin' high on my own supply! - A winter essential.

VASE TÊTE: Can't get enough of these chic face glassware...

LE FEU DE LEU CANDLES: My pal Wendy makes THE BEST candles, perfect form and function.  


Gift Guide : Victoria Nam

Victoria Nam is the owner and baker behind Siblings Bakery in Cumberland, ME. Known for her floral cake designs that blend botanical elements with brights colors and texture, her hope is to entice people to unusual flavors and grains while encouraging them to delight in the joyful and hedonistic celebration of food.

OBJET AIMEE SOAP DISHES: All of Objet Aimee’s handmade ceramics are precious, but I particularly love the pop of cobalt blue on these soap dishes to brighten up a sink.

LUNA AMULETO: This soothing amulet somehow captures the wisdom and serene presence of the moon. I feel a sense of calm every time I look at it.

CODY FOSTER ORNAMENTS: A Christmas tree is not complete without a block of butter and a tin of sardines hanging from its limbs. But actually these beautiful and delicate ornaments from Cody Foster can be used to decorate any corner of the house all year round. Seen here: anchovies, butter block, grandma’s jello salad, orange pomander, heritage cheese, and tomato.

TY WILLIAMS ARTWORK: It’s hard not to smile at any of Ty William’s playful artwork. Grab a card and make someone else smile. Or put it up on the fridge and make yourself smile.

RIBBED SOCKS: Happy colorful and cozy socks! One of the many essentials for surviving the long Maine winters.

CHEESE KNIFE SET: These pieces are so gorgeous and comfortable I find myself using them for everything. Plus the maker, Kiran, is a gem of a person and creates every piece with intention and care that will age beautifully.

BOURBON MAPLE SYRUP: An extremely delicious and pure maple flavor is elevated with hints of vanilla-y bourbon. Use not just on your favorite breakfast dessert, but in coffee, tea, ice cream, or a spoonful when the sugar craving hits. So good!

DANICA CANDLES: These are just great - reliable, sturdy, burn cleanly, and come in a wide range of colors. And let’s be honest, one can never have too many candles!

PICNIC PITCHER: Whenever I visit The Post Supply, this simple beautiful pitcher always catches my eye. The velvety matte finish is so soft, you may find yourself caressing it like a beloved pet.

BLIND TIGER COFFEE: My favorite coffee from Maine - bright, smooth, and flavorful with the coolest artwork to boot.

PEDESTAL BOWL: I love anything that has utility but can also stand alone as an art piece. This bowl is perfect for holding saucy pastas or big rice dishes at a dinner party but also looks beautiful hanging out on its own on your credenza.

CHECKBOARD RUNNER: Another cozy happy piece with a pop of color and there’s something so fun about a checkerboard pattern. This particular runner is super soft and can even be used to decorate a sofa or cozy chair.

Gift Guide : Kristina Holey

Kristina Holey is a holistic skin specialist who is dedicated to furthering the understanding of the skin and its relationship to the rest of the body. Kristina joined Marie Veronique full time in 2021 with a desire to become part of a team that is dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of the skin from a holistic perspective.
MV BARRIER RESTORE SERUM: Regardless of your skin type or your routine, I think that everyone should use this product- it makes such a difference over time - your truly healthiest skin!

FLOWERHEAD TEAS: Love Karina and her teas! We all need chronic wellness in our lives.

CAMINO RED WINE VINEGAR: I go through so much vinegar, I drink it in water before meals, and add it to all my dishes. Camino was one of my favorite spots to eat and since we can't go anymore, why not buy their vinegar and pretend?

OGAARD CUPS: I love a heavy water glass. I am lucky to have collected many of Ogaard's pieces over the years and they are each so beautiful and interesting.

PEARL EARRINGS: These are so pretty and delicate and satisfy my love for pearls!
BUTTER ORNAMENTS: My 2 year old is currently going through an (extreme) butter phase, so I picked this for her- also, I love ornaments.

As someone who lives quite small, I love the mindfulness and creativity that goes along with it. I feel really satisfied knowing that each square foot of my house is intentional and love learning about how others make it work.


Gift Guide : Laura O'Neill

Laura O'neill is Co-Founder of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream as well as a talented musician. Originally from Australia, she now resides part time in Los Angeles and part time in New York City.

RIPPLE CUPS: I love having a mismatch of pretty glasses for wine and think just a couple of glasses is a lovely gift. A full set of 6 feels less special to me.

ITALIAN GARDEN CLOGS: I don't really garden but would 100% wear these out. Perhaps they would even inspire a green thumb ;)

MINA STONE COOKBOOKS: I started making Mina's Lemon Chickpeas recipe during COVID and now I make them all the time. Would love to gift either of these beautiful books.

PICNIC PITCHER: This is really beautiful, perfect as a vase everyday or for water when entertaining.

PRUNING SHEARS: As mentioned above, I don't garden much but I have broken several pairs of scissors trimming flowers, so would be very happy to get these as a gift!

PAJAMAS: PJs are the best and these are so pretty. I love that you can go with a completely different style for bed than you would wear in the real world.

BUTTER DISH: My butter is always too cold and I wish I had a stunning dish like this to keep it perfectly spreadable on the counter.

Gift Guide : Marjory Sweet

Marjory Sweet is a chef, writer, farmer and author of "__is a Breakfast Food", the instantly sold out cookbook that swept the world this summer. She lives, works, farms and cooks in Rockland, Maine.

HANDMADE OYSTER KNIFE: This thoughtfully (and locally made!) stunner of a knife has a sturdy handle, a savage blade, and will glimmer in the holiday light while you shuck like a pro. Pair with some local oysters for a generous gift.

ESPIRITUS DEL ANDE COLLECTION PURE PALO SANTO INCENSE: For anyone who needs a grounding aroma while meditating, or a ritual bathroom perfume. Which, between those two scenarios...is everyone.

KITA-BOSHI COLORED PENCILS, SET OF 24: For my 4-year-old niece, a very prolific artist who works primarily on paper. Secretly, though, I'm coveting a set for myself! Nothing like a crispy, fresh set of pencils to get inspired.

PETIT BAROQUE PEARL DROP EARRINGS: After 37 years of virgin lobes, I finally got my ears pierced, so all I can think about is what kind of precious jewels I can dangle from the holes. These Mary MacGill pearls are casual enough for everyday wear, but chic enough to put on for the opera.

TUNA BELLY IN YUZU KOSHO: Mega luxury in a modest tin: tart and beguiling yuzu kosho combined with luscious tuna belly. Holiday party snack to share or a festive feast for one.

JOSEPHINE TERRACOTTA VASE: A tasteful nude is a timeless gift. Technically a vase, but just as lovely as a sculpture on a dresser or side table. Present to your giftee filled with a seasonal dried bouquet for full ceremony.

ROSEMARY HAIR OIL: Maine winters are harsh on the locks. Salty, dry, cold air-- ouch. This hair oil is rich, fragrant, and lightweight. And versatile! I've even rubbed a little on my dog's ears.

SOOTHING LIP BALM: Silky but not gooey, pleasantly neutral scent, and, hallelujah, it's not contained in plastic. There's always extra kissing around the holidays so you want your smoochers to be supple.

Gift Guide : Bre Blair

Bre Blair is an actress and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. She is deeply involved with SAG as well as various important global and local issues. She works daily to make the world a better place through her involvement and her art form. 

HAND SHAPED PINCH POTS: I want my olives, little pickles, dips, and even my rings and jewelry on these ASAP!

MADRE POMELO NAPKINS: This mustard! Perfect little napkins.

BOTTLE NO4 IN RUBY: Oooh La La. For your favorite cooking oil or even just sitting there. She so pretty. 

AITA GLASS SET: For your wine lovers.

TAPER CANDLES: For the little pop of color. So many good ones!

PORTA CANDELE: Simple and chic. Also very into the green. 

HOTEL SLIPPER: Who wouldn't want cozy slippers! And this orangey red is so good!

BIOACTIVE FACE MASK: My most reached for mask.

OFFSET TOTE: I will be gifting this to...myself.

SUNSPOT MUG: Love these hand painted mugs. <Insert my morning coffee>


Gift Guide : Fabiana Pigna

Fabiana Pigna is a fashion design studio based in Los Angeles run by married partners Fabiana and Miles Brandman. Working with small local family run manufacturers and using primarily luxury Japanese and European fabrics, all pieces are made and developed in their atelier.

THE DEEP BLACK GARLIC CONCENTRATE: Add umami to your dishes plus a hefty dose of antioxidants! Black garlic is believed to help with inflammation and to boost our immune systems.

BAROQUE PEARL DROP EARRINGS: Channel your inner Vermeer muse these stunning organic pearls.

FRANÇOIS HALARD VOL. 2: This is such a beautiful book, get inspiration from the most inspiring workrooms and studios of quintesential.

PALO SANTO INCENSE BRIQUETTES: I will never get enough of this intoxicating aroma. I light up all year round.

LOUIS SHERRY CHOCOLATE TIN: Nothing says "I adore you" more than a beautiful tin full of chocolate. Be like my grandma and turn this into a little sewing kit after you are done indulging.

Gift Guide : Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue is a biannual print magazine that interrogates (and celebrates) modern motherhood through inclusive stories about art, sex, pop culture, politics, food and a few things in between. It’s not about kids or how to parent them: it’s about the nuanced lives we are living—as mothers, and much more. The magazine is edited by co-founders Melissa Goldstein and Natalia Rachlin and designed by creative director Vanessa Saba.

TORQUE VASE: We are seduced by both the classical form of this vase and the Yves Klein Blue shade—the kind of thing that could steal the show on your mantle.

WASHI TAPE: We go through a truly incredible amount of neon washi tape on a typical day of fulfilling magazines—these patterns are low-key rocking our nerdy desk supply worlds.

PINCHED EGG CUP: One of us uses egg cups regularly and one of us aspires to be a person who uses egg cups at all. These egg cups feel perfect for both of our needs.

WONDER VALLEY SHAMPOO: We are huge fans of Wonder Valley over here (the olive oil, the skincare, the everything) and their shampoo both smells and feels amazing.

HOTEL SLIPPERS:  Fuzzy, decadent, orange—any questions?

FLANNEL PAJAMA SET: Could fancy-slash-cozy pajamas be the best gift of all time? They check both the "never buy for yourself" box and also the "use all the time" one.

RIBBED SOCKS: What's that saying? Start with happy feet and work your way up? (We made that up but it feels right.)

Gift Guide : Kerrilynn Pamer

Kerrilynn Pamer is the founder or CAP Beauty and the CAP Beauty product line which support clean beauty and lifestyle through the power of plants. The products in her line come with the highest standards you’ll find, but they are so much more than just the exclusion of “bad” ingredients. The CAP line invites the whole of you to your new routine. Mind, body and spirit.

HOTEL SLIPPERS:  I'd love to gift these to everyone who comes to our home. 

TAPER CANDLES: You, and your friends, can never have enough candles. Fill their drawers with these.

ANK FLORIST POTS: I have a few of her pieces, this is my most recent want. Considering for myself or a dear friend. 

BOURBON MAPLE SYRUP: Who doesn't love a pancake and waffle morning, especially when smothered with this?

EARLY RISER COMPANION: For my friends with kids, this sweet little book would be a welcome morning guide.

FRANÇOIS HALARD VOL. 2: Brilliance abounds.

TUNA BELLY IN YUZU KOSHO: The easiest and fastest way to make any meal special. Open this up, add to your salad or simply set on the table and consider it done.

MĀNUKA HONEY MASK: I love everything Gabby and Luke make, especially this little tube of goodness.

MINA STONE COOKBOOKS: MIna's an old friend, and either of her books makes an excellent gift. 



Gift Guide: Anja Tyson

Anja Tyson is a mother and a consultant in New York City. In her free time she enjoys building her mothering community and thinking about how to create a more connective culture. You can occasionally read her newsletter, The Culture of Care, here. She spends the rest of her time obsessed with taking baths, and has compiled the ultimate BATH-MOSPHERE gift list for Post Supply.


 CHAINLINK MUG: There is nothing I love more than pairing a super hot steamy bath with a cup of tea or tonic, and I love this big chic mug for exactly that!

CHRONIC WELLNESS TEA: It is a codified fact that the gift of a great mug is always best accompanied by what you would wish to be brewed in it, and after the holidays we can all use a little (delicious) wellness.

PEANUT CRUNCH DATE SNACKS: Such a beautiful little indulgence to accompany your tea, and exceptionally delicious at that.

LOUIS SHERRY 12 PIECE CHOCOLATE TIN: Chocolate needs no explanation, but I would recommend these as an indulgent accompaniment to any loved one’s care package!

MOTHER TONGUE ISSUE #5: Every bath requires reading material, and every issue of Mother Tongue is my favorite. In its pages we all feel seen - I love gifting each new issue to beloved friends for a printed warm hug.

BREU RESIN INCENSE: Move that stale energy out of the room, your soul, your heart - sage incense is the perfect tool to start the year with.

CLIMBING TUSCAN ROSEMARY CANDLE: As a perfect incense pairing, this absolutely delicious smelling rosemary candle from one of my favorite fancy farms is another bathtime staple.

SUNSPOT PITCHER: Do with this what they will, I recommend as a vase for your bathroom flowers or even a pitcher of cold water, if your loved one is not the sauna type.

HAND BUILT SOAP DISHES: Whether this sits on the sill of the tub or the sink afterwards, a whimsical little reminder of your love for them in the form of an everyday item!

HINOKI BATH WASH: My ultimate goal is to spend each day smelling like a block of wood, and Wonder Valley’s hinoki is my wood of choice. Bringing the outdoors in.

SEAWEED BODY SCRUB: Warning: this may not last very long due to its highly addictive gummy texture and smoothing capabilities. But it’s highly enjoyable while it lasts, and is best paired with the Hinoki Body Wash!

TERRACOTTA WAFFLE BATH TOWEL: The softest, airiest, most gentle bath towel - I like the terracotta to go with the earthy theme of this gift list, but all of Hawkins colors are beautiful. If you truly love them, you will also add the washcloth.


Gift Guide: Kate Lindello

Kate Lindello is the founder of Noihsaf Bazaar. An online resale marketplace focused on independent Designers. Noihsaf (fashion backwards) Bazaar has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, and Business of Fashion. Kate lives and plays in Duluth, Minnesota. 


ANK LAPIS FLORIST POT: This blue is so beautiful and the shape is a piece of art by itself.

MOTHER TONGUE MAGAZINE: I love this magazine so much, and love buying it for gifts. The founders, Natalia and Melissa are extraordinary women to boot.

DOUBLE MINT ROSE TEA BAGS: I have a few friends that don't drink coffee, but enjoy tea. I like finding and sending them new ones I come across. This packaging drew me in!

PICNIC PITCHER: I have a couple of Molly's mugs already, so a pitcher just seems necessary now! I love the red on this one.

LOUIS SHERRY CHOCOLATE TINS: I am a sucker for a cute tin. I love storing my makeup in them. If I have to eat 12 pieces of chocolate to make it happen, so be it. 

WOODEN RACK: I love the simplicity and size of this one. Great for a bathroom or by the back door for your keys.

TAPER CANDLES: One can never have enough candles. They get me through those dark winter days here in Minnesota.