• The Post Supply's Guide to Maine 2023

    There is so much to see, do and love about Maine – this has always been true but the state feels especially vibrant these days thanks to so much new energy having arrived in recent years. We wanted to share our list for favorite spots around the state, primarily focused along the coast and accessible via 295 or Route 1. The most dense focus is around Portland, where our shop is based.
  • Interview with Casa Verónica Founder Veronica Ortuño


    We connected with Mexican ceramicist and designer Veronica Ortuño to discuss all things inspiration, history, and future. Her line of ceramics made in Texas constantly delights us with bright colors and bold shapes. We are so honored to be a stockist of her incredible goods. We hope you love getting to know more about the designer as we have.


  • The Post Supply's Vintage Market

    Our favorite vintage shops are popping up IRL in the back of house here at The Post Supply.

  • Ghetto Gastro at The Post Supply

    Ghetto Gastro's mission is to nourish ourselves and nourish the world. Nourish the world by amplifying the artistry, creativity, and brilliance of Global South food culture.

  • Marie Veronique Launch Party + Interview with Justine Wenger

    The Post Supply is honored to launch the Marie Veronique line with an event and interview with Skin Health Consultant and Acupuncturist Justine Wenger.

  • Interview with BAINA Co-Founder Anna Fahey

    We connected with Anna Fahey, Co-Founder of BAINA, to hear about her design inspiration and bathing as ritual. BAINA is an Antipodean brand of curated toweling, founded by Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey. Their contemporary, organic cotton towels are designed to elevate your daily bathing routine.
  • Seedling Sale from Sound Pine Farm x Milkweed Farm

    Join us for our 1st Annual Seedling sale featuring flowers, herbs and veggies from two of our favorite Maine farms : Sound Pine Farm and Milkweed Farm.

  • Interview with Hawkins New York Founders Paul Denoly and Nicolas Blaine

    Founded in 2013 by designers Nicholas Blaine and Paul Denoly, Hawkins New York is a customer favorite at The Post Supply. Their timeless design and modern take on home utility is underscored by their commitment to artisanal production. We love their view on many household essentials from towels to pillows to candle sticks. We are so honored that we got to chat with the founders to discuss their creative process and their inspiration.
  • Marjory Sweet Interview and Book Launch Event

    The Post Supply got the chance to connect with farmer and chef Marjory Sweet about her newest book "__ Is A Breakfast Food". 
  • Interview with PlantPaper Founder Deeva Green

    The Post Supply got to chat with one of the founders of PlantPaper - our favorite utility upgrade for the bathroom.

    We discuss the Tree-Free, Non-Toxic, Sustainable solution to TP and functional public and private design!

  • Interview with the Co-Founders of 'Mother Tongue'

    The Post Supply gets deep with the Co-Founders of 'Mother Tongue' talking about motherhood, art and the value of women's stories.
  • Introducing Lesse : Interview with Founder Neada Deters

    The Post Supply chats with Neada Deters about ritual, skincare and the simple life. We are enamored with the clear vision behind Lesse - less is more - and how this approach to skin care enhances our lives inside and out. Read more below from our interview with Neada.