• Interview with Early Riser Companion Author Elizabeth Antonia

    The Post Supply connected with Elizabeth Antonia to hear about her path of creating the Early Riser Companion, listening to the call of the universe, living on a tiny island and experiencing reverence for our time in a body and on this Earth. 

    This is our favorite book to gift to parents of the young, to remind us that we are the creators of magic in our child's life and in ours. 

    We hope you enjoy learning more about Elizabeth, her journey and what's next for her!

  • Interview with Soma Metalwork

    The Post Supply knows a real blacksmith with a forge and an anvil and are honored to carry their stunning products, but they are also so much more. We sat down with Kiran Chapman, founder of Soma Metalwork, for a peak inside their studio and their brain. We discussed everything from politics to passion, labor to song. "Soma (also known as Chandra) is the Hindu god of the moon. The deity is associated with night, contemplation, and steady growth," and we see all that in our friend and maker as they question what work can mean in this world and how what they are doing impacts themselves and others.
  • Interview with Ceramicist Dominique Ostuni

    In celebration of her latest collection being live at The Post Supply, we sat down with Dominque Ostuni, ceramicist of dreams, for a peak inside her studio and her beautiful poetic mind. We are enamored by all things Dominque and we know you will be too, if you aren't already!
  • Interview with MAKR Founder Jason Gregory

    The Post Supply invited Jason Gregory, founder of MAKR, to be part of our mini-interview series. Read on below for an insight into his world.
  • Interview with Lucia Flors, Co-founder of Siesta Co.

    Lucia Flors, Co-founder of Siesta Co. walks us through all things Spain and fish! We are enamored with tinned fish and they are a staple in our cup...
  • Interview with Artist and Ceramicist Rebekah Miles

      We were over the moon to spend some time in the world of Rebekah Miles. She shared with us her history as an artist and some images of her newe...
  • Interview with MADRE Founders Shay Carrillo and Jeanie Kirk

    In celebration of our first The Post Supply x MADRE Napkin Collaboration we sat down with the Founders of MADRE to discuss their values, motherhood, capitalism and the future of linen in the USA. We adore their ethos, their products and we hope you enjoy learning more about this incredible brand and these female leaders.
  • Interview with Casa Verónica Founder Veronica Ortuño


    We connected with Mexican ceramicist and designer Veronica Ortuño to discuss all things inspiration, history, and future. Her line of ceramics made in Texas constantly delights us with bright colors and bold shapes. We are so honored to be a stockist of her incredible goods. We hope you love getting to know more about the designer as we have.


  • Marie Veronique Launch Party + Interview with Justine Wenger

    The Post Supply is honored to launch the Marie Veronique line with an event and interview with Skin Health Consultant and Acupuncturist Justine Wenger.

  • Interview with BAINA Co-Founder Anna Fahey

    We connected with Anna Fahey, Co-Founder of BAINA, to hear about her design inspiration and bathing as ritual. BAINA is an Antipodean brand of curated toweling, founded by Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey. Their contemporary, organic cotton towels are designed to elevate your daily bathing routine.
  • Interview with Hawkins New York Founders Paul Denoly and Nicolas Blaine

    Founded in 2013 by designers Nicholas Blaine and Paul Denoly, Hawkins New York is a customer favorite at The Post Supply. Their timeless design and modern take on home utility is underscored by their commitment to artisanal production. We love their view on many household essentials from towels to pillows to candle sticks. We are so honored that we got to chat with the founders to discuss their creative process and their inspiration.
  • Marjory Sweet Interview and Book Launch Event

    The Post Supply got the chance to connect with farmer and chef Marjory Sweet about her newest book "__ Is A Breakfast Food".